How do promote the music video shopping website

I want to engage in the network, basically everyone has an online shop, we also see a lot of articles on how to promote online shop. Today, I’m going to introduce a project I’ve been doing for a few months. Last time here to talk about "I put a web site PR value for 0 of the mention of PR4", today I’m talking about this site, because most of my efforts in this site sent more.

well, let’s show you this website first, and we will buy the video shopping model online and eventually become a product media platform.

can tell you here, if you want the best investment is to develop their own website, please professional staff, the current network has two professional programmers, first we don’t talk about this program is how to develop, because I do not understand the program, I only responsible for the site optimization and promotion of negative the. So I can only share this experience.

shop, if you want to promote, can not rely on Baidu and GG. At present, this website promotion mainly divides two, one is on-line, one is under the net. The main online is to do optimization, the current site through Baidu over IP, about 2000 per day. Direct input of more than 3000, a daily IP of about 6000, of course, where these IP come from, mainly under the net credit. Today, we don’t talk about SEO here, SEO, you go and have a look, but in fact, SEO is not something profound. As long as you pay attention to a few words on the line, original, original, original, or original,

ha ha, because now the original thing is too little, so as long as it is original, you will have a good ranking. You see one of them this program is developed, all the frames are original, this mall model is original, they are the original, all can only keep updating, ha ha, natural flow will come up,

the success of a web site is largely a promotion. We have done a few programs under the network,

is the first to suppliers or manufacturers to help you propaganda, if they help them to do publicity, now the general products lack of publicity platform, and they do this is to introduce the first Promo free to shoot a product, put in to the site, which has two functions, the first is that you can direct purchase, second enterprises can take you this as an advertisement to push their products. Because this video, they do not mention the supply of manufacturers.

second is to do newspaper advertising, ha ha, many people think that this advertisement is very rubbish, in fact, this advertisement is very practical, of course, do not you do brand advertising. Because my strategy is to start local and then to do the whole country, all of us choose a mobile phone on the website for advertising, and very cheap. Ha ha, take is the copycat. All these cheap and read newspapers are basically people who have the time to watch, and we choose the categories

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