How long can you survive in the Trojan site nternet

I used to think not what big deal if QQ trojan is stolen by password protection, looking back on it, did not realize the seriousness of it, just think it is a harmful thing, not a good thing, not too much experience, has never been feeling so strong when I was in!!! I update my last night, because of the need for some information on the QQ, I will search the Baidu keyword in QQ: "non mainstream" 6 key words, and then, just a station, but when the site is fully opened, the computer screen move (. The virus HA sum up their experience), at that time I felt a bit wrong, the window began to desperately open, I kept off, it constantly open automatically, I realized something serious, so Hao123 special browser is closed.

closed the browser, I found that my rising also stopped to play, can not be used, are not open, why? I feel like a horse, want to use 360 security guards to check a dozen security guards, security guards immediately and automatically turn off, had no choice but to using QQ software to kill Trojan Trojan killed once, that security guards of normal use, with security guards a kill, wow, a dozen Trojan (QQ thief, Trojan, Trojan, Trojan variants, backdoor Trojans, worms), in short, a lot of junk trojan. All the rubbish site horse blame, let the horse in my computer

!Because the

Trojan more, antivirus also can’t kill all, not only from the new install a computer system, I am not what master, so I took the host computer to the repair shop to re install the system (I also spent 50 yuan BS the garbage). But now there are still many dishes than my computer users and to take out the computer repair is not easy, if they encounter this kind of situation do? They only like me and the computer is to get a computer repair shop to reinstall the system, such as. In order to steal other people’s game number, and thus endanger Internet users, such a website can survive for a long time? Seriously disrupt the normal Internet life order, a hundred evils.

propose a reporting platform, let us work together to report spam horse owners!!!

the computer is fixed. That’s happy… Hey, go ahead and update my website!


(the last small BS that junk horse webmaster, you will speed your horse down, or I will send you the website, now give you a chance.. Also, please do not in the horse, on their own are not good for others. Our vision to put away ah, not for that little horse fee and mess up your site!!)

welcome everyone to communicate with me ah, campus non mainstream is my website, there may be imperfections, no way, I’m rookie ah! There are masters of words, plus I QQ guidance ah!

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