Personal experience 3 ways to improve the originality of website articles

As everyone knows

original articles for the original web site, now we do SEO is mainly aimed at Baidu, but most of the site due to financial, technical and other reasons, in particular personal webmaster and grassroots webmaster, want to write a lot of the original article is a kind of hope, today I will share my increase and some methods to improve the original article in the production site:

1. relies on large integrated sites and blogs to find original articles

is the first method I believe everyone should contact, is to go to a comprehensive website and blog for the large original article, because these large website forum is the most original personal views by netizens released relatively high, Baidu spider is not grasping to every corner, when we find a good article, the first step is to copy the URL, look at Baidu is not included, or look at the title of Baidu has not included, if not we need to put this article simple transformation, for their own use, there is a blog, this forum than a larger role and resources more, because the blog too much content, Baidu spiders can crawl to 70% on the good, the remaining 30% is with us, of course, this method is time-consuming, many webmaster Don’t like using this method, but this method improves the originality of website article best way

2. through Baidu search keywords, improve title, originality, integration of original article

because I was doing QQ station, so contact is more net, what sign, however, that a lot of resources, do the best is QQ personality,. I will not say, QQ do believe that station owners all know, we have to do is put the personalized network users release the network name. The signature collection to the local, to integrate the Baidu search keywords, for example, we use Baidu to search for the signature " watch life like hanging in the wall, the shuttle in the 1 and 12 repeat " the word Baidu search results is not little, high repetition rate, watch that we use this word to integration a title like "sad character signature life is like hanging on the wall, repeated shuttling between the 1 and 12 of such a relatively high original title is done, then the content in the integration, the content of the article It’s better to put text links on keywords, and an article is done.

3., a reasonable web framework, unique web templates, submit articles, originality,

A variety of labels station system using

is reasonable, such as popular articles, recommended articles, reasonable collocation, do a good job in the construction of the chain at the same time, also improves the original design, and a unique web page template, is a little small help to improve the original

above is just my experience of standing in the station for one year, writing is not good, I hope you understand

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