Stationmaster is not bad money look back four years insist on the bitterness behind

I’m a rural child. It’s too late to touch the computer. 01 years of good grades on the local high school, contact the computer, deeply attracted by the computer world, she has too many mysteries waiting for you to explore, can use their ability to do their own work, it is a kind of happiness, so high school for three years, three point one lines of life school canteen cafe. When I graduated from high school, I was admitted to a university, and the computer would be something basic.

for some reason I didn’t go to college, and that was the end of my career. I returned to the original study of the county, with only more than 100 yuan on the body, in the evening to stay in the Internet bar for a night, get up and touch the pocket, lost money. No way, always have to think of a way to eat is the hard truth. In this way, in this Internet bar work, began to not familiar with, every day is always bad money, a month down, salary deduction basically almost the same, the life of this after six months. Back home in the new year, the family asked me where to go in the first half of this year, why not contact, do not want to say what, because the long time work in Internet cafes at night, your biological clock has already turned upside down, this period of time when someone new awake I’m confused, others when I sleep awake, quiet night, I have some confusion.


years back to the original Internet, began the same immutable and frozen life, remember the time when many people listen to the DJ website, after he read about an idea, I also want to do their own websites. Go to work at night, late almost every night, open a computer, find some websites, learning the knowledge of websites, like a hungry child looking for sweet milk, because of their high school, began to learn more easily, after 2 months, I am also a DJ station, when a good friend is Tielong operating the station, he was interested in DJ, he is now as he would like to become a DJ. Visitors to the site are more and more, in the local is also famous, but also have a problem, no space to store a large number of songs, is looking for a space, at that time did not have much money to buy space, when online stroll in contact with a teacher in Henan, he used the computer room in the school that provides website space for me, he has his own company IDC, have not seen him, but he told me his tall, and gave me a space vehicle association network, the station has been on the computer report, forget is what stage.

in the Internet for a long time, feeling more and more heavy, is wasting time, left there, after a friend introduced into a computer company, engaged in Lenovo computer distribution, to that time, what made the computer system, the assembly will not start from scratch, I learn for two months, basically the same, you can Dudangyimian, remember the deep one is to give you a customer to get the machine, he looked puzzled look I asked the boss he can do it, I said.

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