Soft Wen shape soft and meaning not soft

soft Wen, its original intention is a popular word advertising. Different from the previous hard ads, relying on the essence of Chinese culture, the text of each other, forming a variety of man-made stunning statement. Now, more and more enterprises in the network advertisement to put more, also all the soft opened a huge market, what is the Internet search? Text, pictures and video, which is belong to the soft, the essence of category. How to make soft text in network marketing become a tool? Share: soft, soft and meaning not soft.

shape soft:

I write soft Wen every day, more often think that the original based, the other people’s article copy a modified into their own, this is a kind of original type of soft wen.

every day I put in the major forums on enterprise profiles, business related information articles, invincible everywhere, this is a soft, known as advertising soft wen.

today, I had a great time. I recorded these happy things in my SEO Blog, QQ space and so on. It’s also called soft text, but he doesn’t have any advertising colors.

soft form is diverse, I can understand into soft text is log, I can also understand, soft Wen is advertising information, I can also understand, soft Wen is product introduction. And in such a variety of forms of change, the soft text is not divorced from its own essence: A. description of things in the form of text to express B., so that people who browse soft text become "customers."". Marketers must always hear a word when employees are motivated to train: "no matter where you communicate with anyone, you’re marketing, because it’s based on communication.". Just before marketing, things are different. And soft Wen, it is in essence to enterprise, to self, give product marketing, and those who see your soft text are your customers.


doesn’t mean soft:

core is not soft: gold ingot has been optimized before a web site, is to do medicine for beriberi. More often, when you tap your product long tail keywords, you need to write around these long tail keywords, description, graphic combination, forming a reasonable soft text. And when there is a demand for customers by paying attention to your soft language and convinced, and eventually form a transformation. And this just belongs to write the core of soft Wen, we do SEO do what, we do is ranking, do is flow, do is user experience, and do, is the final conversion rate of the site.

writing is not soft: soft text, relying on the text of the foundation. Presumably friends with internet circles must have this feeling: for example, I’m not a medical graduate. You let me write medical text, how could I write? Indeed, do optimization circle, do network promotion, marketing circle of friends without the experience of it, that person can only express the emotion of the ingot, you are god.

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