2009 personal website to make money from a new way out

personal website to make money, what new way? The flow of the site by the method of the flow of money, small flow sites also have small on the flow of money, the most important is, you can have the sense of innovation, closely follow the trend of the Internet, find a new way to make money


for part of the large traffic sites, traffic can do very large, you can earn advertising fees, you can also stand for a period of time after the big sell. But for most personal webmaster, is not so much traffic, we have to say is that if there is not enough traffic to earn advertising fees, then you should consider how.

In fact, we can carefully analyze the

can be found in a way to make money can not escape these three categories, that is, we often say: selling services, selling products, engage in investment. But for our personal webmaster, mostly by buying and selling products in the service to make money, as for investment, Li Xingping is not the beginning of rush will have to sell the site and do hao123, so your site to make money, you need to consider what you want to sell your services? What to sell


what products and services are sold well?

think about the people or the industry you are familiar with, look at what they have on the Internet, and then develop the software, or use the site to provide related services, and then you meet them. Products can be software, source code, e-books, CD, virtual products (virtual host), traditional goods, etc.. Services can be design, technology, consulting, training, promotion, VIP permissions, virtual currency, etc.

do products and services, do not blindly imitate, must choose their own familiar areas, their favorite to do. So play to do, you can do very well. As for what to do depends on your interest, but I think most people in the Internet are playing, direct point that is to play the game! Online games is not a new way, but the online games and the personal webmaster together is the new way out, "the game is in line with the standard number, according to statistics, in 2010 a breakthrough the 1 billion mark, reached 1 billion 260 million yuan.

and web games relative to the webmaster, do not need to invest early, it is easy to have their own game channel, is an effective way to combine the webmaster website and online games. To help owners in the joint development of web games, bubbles play web game platform is the joint operation of the joint operation of web game platform is the largest, three months on the line, there are over 110 thousand of the webmaster to join the bubble play platform can prove the strength and confidence of the Webmaster Platform.

planning their products or services, you can think about the following ideas:

1, to help customers make money

2 to help customers save money

3, to help customers save time

4, bring convenience to customers

5, guest >

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