Google Adsense PK alimama similarities and differences between the two

on A5 yesterday just wrote an article on "Google Ali Mama" article, today, they do business. Small Adsense point of view, for reference only. Ali mother advertising alliance simply, the two sides do not a business. Google Adsense is the sale of advertising, and Ali mother is selling advertising.

in Adsense, advertisers and the announcement of the webmaster and no direct contact, both sides only deal with Google. The user can put the advertising market as a shield of the technical details of the whole, just consider the problem from the effect of input resources, access to results. The matching of ads and the circulation of money are all determined by Google’s algorithm. Google through the confidentiality of the intermediate process and algorithm to avoid cheating, while simplifying the user’s operating procedures. This is very similar to the search process Ali mother advertising alliance.

Ali mother advertising alliance is similar to Alibaba B2B system, is an advertising platform for communication between supply and demand sides. The website have their own advertising ranked out, advertisers to see, buy it right. Here is the advertising as a commodity to sell, the price tag, each one takes what he needs.

Ali mother advertising practices reflect the difference between different ideas.

Google is to organize the world’s information as its mission. Without organization, Ali mother advertising alliance information is only scattered and meaningless data, worthless. So, Google is looking at reuse algorithms to re organize information to make it more effective. Specific to advertising, each small site traffic is very low, according to the advertising value can not be generated. But after the Google put together a large number of small traffic, and the relevant advertising algorithm for content and advertising match, you can make the site can get income. This is the best practice of "long tail theory". The value of Google itself is reflected in its advertising algorithm can find out the user’s deep-seated needs.

Alibaba always adhere to provide a platform, but not specifically involved in the transaction ideas. B2B so, C2C (Taobao) is also so. It is more like a yellow pages service, all of the information from the publisher, for those who need to query, then do website information processing. Can be seen as the Internet version of the small vendors market Alibaba, only provide a venue, depending on specific business hawkers themselves. In this way, the technical difficulty is low, Chinese businessmen are also very suitable.

Google and Ali mother advertising ideas are different, then Ali mother advertising alliance, Ali mother advertising alliance actually how. After all, the market is judged by its results. In reality, the Internet advertising market is the supply side market. Therefore, from the perspective of suppliers to analyze more clearly.

The biggest problem with

GoogleAdsense is the poor matching of advertising. Reasons include the difficulty of Chinese analysis, Chinese advertising

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