Google exit China for small and medium station owners what should do

Google said in January that it was no longer willing to cooperate with the Chinese government to continue its review of Google’s search in China and may have to shut down its sites and offices in china. In the statement, Google said it was "constantly facing different levels of cyber attacks" and was "uncomfortable with agreeing to censor some of the search results."".

March 3rd, Google Corporation before Congress, vice president and legal adviser Huang Anna (NicoleWong) announced that it would "resolutely" to stop censoring China web search results approach, but no clear timetable. At present, Google’s negotiations with China’s related departments are continuing. Huang Anna is still not sure China exit the market, it seems that Google is still in hesitation, for days after the negotiation room.

himself is one of the tens of millions of small and medium owners. Now, in case Google exits China, it will definitely be a headache for Chinese small and medium owners. After GG left, Baidu must have lost a strong rival in china. We can from the website from the statistical data, like Yahoo China, Sogou, Youdao, Bing’s antecedents are not so well, not that they do not because of technology, but in most of the domestic number of net usage, it can be said that Baidu has maintained the status of big boss. The utilization rate is very high, and secondly, it is Google. At present, the Tencent SOSO is going after the next.

although some people say you can not use Google, but you can think about it, for a few years, from the small and medium-sized AdSense for Baidu’s complaint is getting worse, like what price promotion ah. As long as you have money, you can get a good ranking on Baidu point regardless of the interests of those who have daily post promotion of small owners, everyone would feel the station did not know which day will be right down, will be K. Baidu – lost Adsense heart, why search the world?. Baidu is sometimes unreasonable to stop standing. This is already known to all. Baidu search results are artificially modified is known to all the many things we can go to search.


now commonly in some important news on CCTV reported that Google filed, containing a large number of illegal information, the search engine Baidu and ask other do not contain it. People are just a machine spider, not artificial, one has to collect collection site. Presumably Baidu for promotion in the publicity of counterfeit drugs cases we have heard, MP3’s search has been taking music copyright and Baidu have been years of contentious topics, but they lost 111, Baidu is the reason turned out to be ‘Baidu just provides a resource download connection, does not have pirated music files on their own in the server, "this is how ridiculous, according to this saying, now all the television stations all can continue to do, we can also say" our server is no movie file, just a shared connection." Most webmasters don’t have the money and ability

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