Analysis of the influence of website opening speed on website operation

today and everyone with a careful analysis of a web site to open the speed of the site’s overall operation of the impact, welcome to communicate with me,


a web site open speed in the end what impact, we from the most simple, the most direct effect analysis, from shallow to deep, layer by layer peeling, quick learning absorption.

here is a brief analysis of


started this net Rui technology website opens speed in 7 seconds, in fact, is moderate, the third party website from the statistical point of view, basically every day to stay within 20IP, and large floating residence time, almost no more than 30 seconds, directly through the website online consultation is even more rarely, not more than 5 times. From the beginning of 2012 after the replacement of space, the speed of the open web site has been a qualitative improvement, from all over the country open speed test, the average time spent in 0.4 seconds, site traffic stable at 20IP, the residence time is greatly improved, the online consultation also increased a lot, directly by the website revenue generated significantly over the same period last year a lot of good.

first has a direct impact on the number of users waiting to stay. Many studies show that the most satisfying time for users to open a web page is below 2 seconds, and the longest waiting time that users can tolerate is between 6~8 seconds. That is to say, 8 seconds is a critical value, and if your site opens faster than 8 seconds, you will lose a large number of users, and more than 99% of users will close the page and no longer wait. But if waiting for loading, the website can feedback message to the user, such as a progress bar, so users can tolerate the time will be greatly increased, the progress bar can let users understand the site is normal. A web page open time is too long, the preferred first impression of users is the site open or site problems, is a bad site, the probability of direct closure of up to 99%, so the pages open duration is directly related to the fate of your site.

second, website open speed is too slow to lead directly to the user of your site trust; in fact do stand as the person, do stand and life, there is a person who has a personal trust, the trust is very difficult, but to destroy the trust is actually very simple, and soon a; a site open speed is too slow, the first people to your website is the feeling of "the broken sites are not open, a website rotten garbage," or "how to open so slow, a waste of time off".

why is there such a response, because now the Internet is not you a website, and the website of ordinary grassroots webmaster have established long-term trust, when the content of the website is not the only way to get, can be obtained by other sites, so your site waiting to be abandoned by the user, in today’s Internet era. The website also innumerable, "

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