Thinking of using 51 com to realize profit

webmaster friends, Hello everyone, I’m my country of entertainment, 123, entertainment, navigation,, I think a lot of people have seen this blog.

In fact,

official also seems to do this project in my hair, but people than we much, oh ~ "nonsense not say! Often play 51 should know ~ often encounter some beauty BLOG pictures are very beautiful, as for the man, to love all messages ~ after prompt you: only allow each other VIP

user message!

Oh, think of what? Actually these are generally add BLOG, you may say, I won’t do this because of VIP, but some people, so many users, there are 1 people in 100, then a month to increase the number of and according to the written page income? The addition of 160 thousand people per day (water can be), then what is the income? And there is a list of online, and online for a long time, the corresponding search probability is large, so the traffic ~

this is my, because I was just a BOY thing, but for the beauty Oh, BLOG? Popularity is 10 times, 20 times. Even more! Here’s an extension. If you use these traffic, ~

First, we apply

account, upload some seductive photos, photos of beautiful women, then a man is the best ~, write a moving log, we 51BLOG in the content you want to… You can go to the high popularity of the blog to plagiarism! Of course not 51 Oh! The more moving better, more let a person feel you want to find a better friend, the rest is contact, here you can not write, privacy settings for a friend! After the station CPL, attached to the general station dating log below! What the advertising pictures are beautiful, so many people will click, registration will also increase


someone’s got it. One of my friends in this group works around 100

a day

recent Olympic crackdown, entertainment sites are difficult, welcome to join my happy 123 entertainment navigation Adsense QQ group: 65631954, common website development, how to make money.

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