The tour for ten years how to continue to world addiction

lead: as a shell and watercress, similar temperament of "slow", if the poor spent the past ten years, and how to open the next ten years




Shaw came on stage, there were cheers and applause from all sides of the court. Just like in a small Livehouse, the audience calls the new frontman just in a warm and anticipated tone, and Xiao Yu is called "face elder brother" here".

travel 10th anniversary event is arranged into party like, rather than a conference, rather than more like a poor travel network and senior or between the senior user party: in addition to a few media invitation, gathered at the scene of the most of the young people were "QiongYou Activity Notice Day" to attract.

is on the audience of their ridicule weight, as well as investors and partners watched, Shaw stumbled finished the speech. He is from the 2004 European students dormitory talk; by 2006 the "QiongYou Europe" is aimed at a domestic audience outbound "poor travel network"; 2011 to start commercial, have received a letter from loved capital and the investment of Alibaba, has been moved to the current 10th anniversary, and UGC as key words appear repeatedly.


user has played a significant role in the development process of the poor, with watercress, known as well as good bestie QiongYou similar, is also a rely on the accumulation of UGC value and gradually expanding the "slow" and the representative of the company, but three is not the same, because the service is outbound users can travel from natural trading relatively close, and thus more easily realized. But it seems to make travel more rhythm slow, especially in the current escalation of online travel market heat under the condition of rapid growth in outbound tourism market has also been seen as a huge piece of fat, giants and start-up companies in a variety of poses and the influx of poor travel seems to still low offset.

and compared to before, QiongYou facing the market environment has undergone great changes, here is not only faster than before more rivals and emerge in an endless stream, and constantly growing new user groups, become more and more 80, 90 middle began to explore the world situation, how will the poor in their own way and retain develop the users? In the face of increasingly noisy market, not too much in the public eye and Shaw will be how to change a poor cry and not in the quantitative change gradually in the silence of


·: development process: how people gather

start: online Lonely Planet,

from a certain point of view, the rise of the poor based on "Lonely Planet" ("Lonely Planet") on the decline. Lonely Planet is the world’s largest private travel guide publisher, mainly travel

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