Still playing a plane The inspiration of WeChat for educational websites

Since August 9, 2013, WeChat

version 5 officially launched, aircraft rapid fire! WeChat 5 with "aircraft" and "love every day to eliminate" has become a fashionable topic all the trendsetter.

although the aircraft so bromance infinite words make boo head too, but the Tencent of WeChat function gradually development and development route, and QQ almost from the same pattern: as a free, high-quality platform gradually gathered the largest customer groups, and gradually develop a payment function, the amount of consumption bit by bit nibble users. When everything becomes a habit, profits are ripe. Have to say, Tencent from the development of QQ track in the operation of ideas, to Tencent brought success, but also led the industry for the Internet business model of thinking and development.

with the rapid popularization of smart terminals, Tencent vision and strength in the mobile communications market accounted for opportunities. From October 2010 to January 21, 2011 the development planning, on-line testing, today more than four hundred million users of large customer groups, Tencent, the perfect realization of the anticipated goal, reached after QQ aggregation commercial product development feat of a large group of customers. During this period, Tencent Inc show the development of ideas and operational capabilities, it is worth pondering the industry.

in fact, the potential of WeChat’s cross platform instant messaging software market has long been perceived by a large number of software manufacturers, end manufacturers and network operators. Such as millet technology development China first is similar to Kiki (based on a local mobile phone mail list, the establishment of direct contact connection, and on the basis of the information push technology to achieve free SMS Chat, personal status synchronization functions such as instant social software) free instant messaging service application software, m chat, and China Mobile developed years of operating the instant communication tools – fetion.

from a technical comparison and the main strength aspect, m chat and Fetion than micro channel. But in the end the result is that WeChat has a large market share, leaving the meter chat and Fetion far behind. Holding this hand seems to be a small advantage of the WeChat brand, Tencent is how to play so beautiful, what is behind the play,


look at Tencent to promote the WeChat, it is not difficult to see that the promotion of Tencent business model and a huge user resources is the key to dominate. As we all know, the Tencent’s flagship product is QQ, according to data, Tencent has 1 billion registered users worldwide. With the original large customer groups, Tencent have turned their attention to online games, and even network security products. However, development does not satisfy Tencent. Suddenly, in the M chat and Fetion prompt, Tencent sensible of the great potential and prospects for the development of mobile communication market, and the rapid development of WeChat, seize the mobile communications market share.

as everyone knows, everyone for the emotional stickiness of the most profound lesson is that users and used in the course of development in the QQ.

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