Talk about the strategy of forum website building

        see a lot of enthusiastic webmaster to write out their own station experience is very feel. I also decided to say some of my ideas. We know there are so many forums, including local forums. My forum is the local forum, Hefei. Do this forum fast 2 months, Baidu included query 412, Google included query, 122 pages Yahoo included query 1540 pages.

I don’t know this number can be equal to I’ve spent 2 months, this forum is my local forum which shows that he has some limitations of the promotion is more difficult, because in this place I have a very strong forum is 100 forum in Chinese (very cattle). This increases the difficulty of promotion. So the only way is the content than his first plate to the wide coverage of some people say do not establish a forum too many sectors, this forum is not easy to do, but they see so many plates have a headache. I don’t think so, because the local forums need to meet local needs. For example, when I buy things, I want to see the "supply and demand" aspect. No, no, many plates can be viewed selectively. But the plate is a problem that how to let visitors find what he wanted to see? This is a key to my forum is taken to make a navigation on the top of the forum is the forum to do navigation. In this way, all sections of the forum scene, think about that point, navigation on the ok. My forum has more than 60 sections that took several days to modify the template in the connection. Here, I want to tell the stationmaster not to be afraid of being tired.

forum navigation is done. What to do next? Second, the forum should distinguish between what plates, what is the focus. What kind of services can we provide to visitors when they enter the forum? And how can visitors be allowed to enter your forum without having to go to other forums or other portals?. This will highlight the domestic and international hot issues in the forum first plate is "today." I want you to see that visitors can see into the domestic and international which is not too much updated daily more than 10 OK, international and domestic latest hot glance, you say to the visitors what do the door apartment layout site unless he is in the mailbox?. What is the focus of our attention now? Does the Olympic city have good promotional information and Taiwan issues?. Well, I’ve done something for today’s attention, specific to my jar, (not for commercials). With these is not enough, but also do some convenience services, such as "weather forecast", "Bus inquiries" and so on. It depends on the local conditions. Third is how to promote the forum, I feel the most cost-effective or friendship connection. Because when I was searching for my site on Baidu, Baidu grabbed my connection on a web site

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