Within a week the two television companies fell through Luyu Chen Zhou Libo and other stars cash lo

for the "energy film and television" and "Datang brilliant", the past seven days is undoubtedly black week. And stealth, followed by Luyu Chen, Zhou Libo and Tang Guoqiang, Feng Yuanzheng, Chen Jianbin, Wang Ji and other stars, cash from the day of cash is a little far away.


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on October 24, 2014 evening, the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced that, "Beijing energy film and television communication Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as" energy video ") first application (IPO) did not pass." In fact, energy video was originally set up for "Lu Yu’s appointment", and later added "one Zhou Libo show". According to the prospectus published on June 2014, established in October 2004, the TV and Internet video content providers, the main products for columns, documentaries, brand service program, its establishment is based on "Lu Yu" columns, creative production and distribution. At present, the two star shareholder holdings are: Luyu Chen holds 3 million 250 thousand shares, accounting for 5.57%, the company’s third largest shareholder; Zhou Libo holds 2 million shares, accounting for 3.43%, as the seventh largest shareholder. According to energy, film and television intends to issue 19 million 500 thousand shares, raising the amount of 232 million yuan to measure, so the IPO passed smoothly, Luyu Chen and Zhou Libo holds shares valuation of at least 38 million 660 thousand yuan and 23 million 790 thousand yuan.

coincidentally, a week ago in October 17th, the listed company Zhongnan Heavy Industries (002445) announcement that the company received the "China notification to the Commission, because the parties involved in this restructuring is suspected of illegal audit filing, company mergers and acquisitions audit application is suspended." – here comes the reorganization, namely Zhongnan heavy industries to be paid through the issuance of shares and cash offer for TV producers of Datang brilliant 100% equity, the estimated value of 100% equity of about 1 billion yuan, the estimated value reached 105.50%.

and energy film and television "Chen Zhou Zhuan" is different, Datang brilliant star star due to "latent" and much of the capital market concern. According to the restructuring plan Zhongnan heavy industries released in March 19th this year, Datang brilliant 40 natural person shareholders can be described as star studded, including Tang Guoqiang, Feng Yuanzheng, Chen Jianbin, Wang Ji, Tang Guoqiang, Chen Jianbin, the shareholding ratio of Wang Ji was 0.3%, Feng Yuanzheng holding more than 0.15%.

in fact, Datang brilliance initially did not intend to take advantage of the South African heavy industry curve listing, which had wanted to directly in the gem IPO. In the gem IPO Chinese Commission announced in May 2012 the Declaration on the list, with Hangzhou GOLDENCOAST, Datang brilliant era of Chinese book two media companies which appeared together. However, in 2013, a large number of cultural, film and television enterprises blocked in the IPO threshold, has been playing back the idea of backdoor listing.

careful analysis of energy, film and television and Datang brilliant listing setback, obviously the latter problem is more serious, a "suspected of being illegal to be checked into the case" of the language, base >

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