Old stationmaster talk about the condition that the website succeeds

I am a sales staff, the following content may be more sales, less professional knowledge of the website, please forgive me. Now see many sites is the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach, and even some of them do not know how to die!

I’d like to share my experience of standing here with you for many years. The success of a website comes from three aspects.

1. A good business model makes up 20 percentage points of success. Many websites do well, but there is no one lasting good money making model that ultimately leads to failure.

two. Market opportunity successfully accounted for 30 percentage points, as the saying goes, the right time, about a good opportunity of the problem.

three. The success of execution accounted for 50 percentage points, which is the most critical, but most websites have failed to do so.

then look at the execution trilogy,

. Personnel. With the right person, do not underestimate this simple words, but really very few, a lot of people say, I do not, but you have not done well is not clear.


strategy. Do the right thing, for a period of time before the ladder network than that of college students entrepreneurial failure deficit million story, although the spirit can be good, but wrong.

three. Operation. To do the right thing, that is, in the personnel, goals, but in the process of doing things must be correct.

, let’s see some of those execution errors,.

. No feeling for bias, is a lot of people said no matter, may play a word wrong, it does not matter for us, but it will bring up a little relationship between the concept of a continuous, do not make a big mistake attitude, but by the time we may have no blunder. The opportunity.

two. Personality isn’t about perfection. I believe a lot of people do. For example, one of my friend’s web pages is common, but very popular. At that time he felt already very good, but for a long time, slowly problems appear, traffic is gradually less.

three. In the scope of their own work will not be responsible for dealing with problems, simply said that there is no sense of urgency.

four. Do not want to adhere to the requirements of standards, and do not adhere to the details and do a good job. This may be the busy day to go, but there’s nothing serious about it,



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