14 worthy of personal Adsense do advertising alliance recommended

site has been for many years, but also built a few stations, some of the microwave revenue, repeatedly tested a lot of advertising alliance, the following:

1.googleadsense Alliance: recommended index: you can feel, you can feel

Google advertising alliance is now one of the best advertising provider. Even NetEase 163.com do Google advertising alliance. Alliance should be the best, most of the domestic China webmaster survival depends on him, the recent reform, the proportion of advertising has declined, but the price is higher bit. In general, it should be the best league in the country.

2 energy-saving recommended index: you can feel you can feel

Asian friends alliance is an early alliance established. It is recognized as one of the few best reputation alliance. If you are not cheating, your income alliance will give you all. And the income is very high!!! A man registered US $1, female registration is $2 two. Money remittance a month, is a relatively good alliance should be. I am currently doing.

3: Baidu alliance recommended index: you can feel you can feel

Baidu alliance should be one of the best league in china. But there is a drawback, that is, after 8 is the public service ads at night, in addition to domestic advertising if the money a month more than 800 yuan by the tax is very serious. This is a pity. But on the whole is a very good union. It is recommended. Specifically how to solve the problem of Baidu union income. Can see


and GOOGLE combined with http://s.wangyeba.com/management/wzlm/200710/8794.html (money merit of any decline reproduced in any form)

The first 4

video advertising alliance: recommended index: you can feel you can feel

According to the calculation of

player, very timely payment (5 weeks time to account) is very high in the PV station is the gospel, now is my main source of income, it can apply for the record by now! More humanization more, play a sound basic small, feeling nothing! "/p>

5:: depending on the spread of recommended index: you can feel you can feel

page to do it as a group of visual communication has been a period of time, and found very good. Do not have their own advertising. A point is 1 cents, it can be paid in a timely manner, we recommend doing a.


6 index: you can feel Jinshan union recommended to

Jinshan union is concerned, do them 6 months. The overall feeling is good, the money is very timely, they install a Kingsoft 2 hair is relatively easy to do the promotion of.WPS a 5 hair can also do one, I used to feel a bit on the volume. They have now found a good many. Basically not rely on the amount of. Choose to do the download station

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