Site analysis the impact of the HTML outline algorithm on the structure


            HTML5;   HTML5 has been out for a long time; more and more people want and begin to apply it to their usual work and station. The use of new labels such as section, article, aside, and NAV is also gaining ground. Perhaps it’s a good feeling to get started. Without understanding and understanding the labels in many ways, they may fall into a more confusing situation. HTML’s outline algorithm (outlining algorithm) is a very important point of entry.

       ;       look at the two Outline:

,          ;     these are all my early works. At that time, I felt that my writing was good, especially the second one. I also used the HTML5 tag, so I thought I would set foot in this new world. After reading the HTML outline algorithm, it was really a shame to check these pages. The first "confused" title does not say, "creative lineup" actually belong to "user comments"? Second are not good to speak, so many unnamed what is it? But always on the history of pain, you can move on.


;       look at several other people’s refactoring page Outline: "

                  imagine you are a bit of visually impaired users, need to rely on screen readers to browse web pages, the reader will be in accordance with the level of interpretation of this page for you, you feel on top of the web page more easily get you needed the information? Maybe you want to know what the outline algorithm is like after all

          HTML;     what is the outline algorithm?

              Web;       the outline algorithm allows the user agent (user agent) to generate an information structure directory from a single page, allowing the user to have a fast page

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