The commemorative coins issued to remind people not to forget national humiliation

this year is the 70 anniversary of the victory of the war anniversary, in such a special year, the state is not ready to hold the parade, while also preparing to launch foreign war victory 70 anniversary commemorative coins and commemorative stamps.

Deputy director of the people’s Bank of

the obverse main patterns are the national emblem, published below "2015" in the year. This set of 4 commemorative coins, the number of nickel coated steel material issued for 500 million, 1/4 ounces gold commemorative coins for the 50 thousand, 1 ounces of silver commemorative coins for the $100 thousand, silver medal of 5 ounces of gold is $5000.

Deputy director of the State Post Bureau Zhao Xiaoguang said:

actually issued some of the victory of the war, stamps and coins, but also to remind us every Chinese do not forget national humiliation, always miss those for our country to contribute to the national liberation war heroes gave their lives.


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