Succulents ushered in the hot market period

speaking of succulents, now many people are not unfamiliar, even a lot of people on the table have a pot of very attractive succulents. Under the big environment, succulent plants started by more and more people welcome, a business like this, there will be good prospects for development. So, succulents ushered in the hot market, will have a very good development prospects.

the appearance of small and exquisite, looks like "Meng Da succulents are now increasingly flower lovers. Succulents span the price range, from a few million yuan to have, this let the consumers covering almost all sectors. In fact, the humble succulents also huge hidden opportunities. Growing demand has also led to the development of the whole industry, some growers annual income of up to one million yuan.

has a group of young people will love to succulents a career development. Succulents Committee of Anhui Province Flower Association estimates that the annual output value of Anhui province succulents planting industry has more than 100 million yuan, and is still in rapid growth. This weekend, I first show will be free to carry out succulent plants in Hefei Yufeng flower market. Favorite succulents people may go along for the ride, look for business opportunities.

Hefei residents Miss Cheng home balcony, placed three large pots, which planted many succulents. "They see fleshy foliage, feel very comfortable." She put a plant planting succulents bought at first, later found it very interesting dot. "You can give them a scene, such as in the shoe, rotten pot, special flavor."

yesterday afternoon, in Hefei City Yufeng flower a flower stall, the public Miss Ji squatting on the ground, looked with interest to her stall hair sister just bought a pot of succulent plants cover some piece of moss. Arrange the pots succulents, hair sister earned 65 dollars.

little profit, but the sales volume is large." Hair sister flower stall for many years in the Yufeng flower market operation, the last two years found succulents suddenly fire, the market most vendors are selling. General varieties of 10 to sell a single piece of money, more than a few strains of potted plants can sell dozens or even hundreds of dollars. An average of one hundred or two hundred a day to sell." Sister Mao said.

if there are investors ready to enter the market to market, to rely on operating a variety of plants to make money, then, succulents will undoubtedly become a very good good choice. Whether we are ready to enter into an industry any, market demand is always a reference factor, and from the current market situation, succulent plants will be able to create a very good profit.

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