There is only a good mother this sentence is not all right

Ali mother should not be unfamiliar to you, whether mother advertising will not be Baidu K, I would put on. After all, now the Union has such a big mother Ali is also a few, but the threshold is really high, the mother is willing to take care of our grassroots ah. Recently, Baidu and Taobao war we must know. Taobao and Ali mother together, we also see the. Today, I would like to say, after the combination of the loss brought to everyone. My station is a movie station (, every day there are more than 3 thousand IP, to IP on Sunday and 5000-6000. Hanging on the mother’s ad at least 20 times a day, although not much, but a month also has a $more than and 600. Hey, really did not expect, the mother has become so shameless, without telling me, the advertisement all replaced Amoy advertising, which means that people only through our advertising on the station and the success of the transaction before I earn money. Online shopping friends are aware of what they want to buy goods are generally run directly on the theme, Taobao search. Who will see the ads that reminded me of my shopping desire? (of course, female except) besides, our website content, take the entertainment station for example, most of the passengers are basically imitation for recreation, listening to music, watching movies, who will go to those advertisements? Who will go to the point of the deal?? of course not, but very few, less than half a month that I have not received a penny. Some people think that the industry can stand. But the industry basically have their own products, who would do that kind of advertising ah. Today my mother call to customer service, they said my station is only suitable for Amoy advertising. I asked him if I could never be like that again. Depressed, it seems that the horse is anxious, even such a thing can be done. After killing I do not support Ali mother.

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