What do you need to pay attention to at home

at home is very popular because of its many advantages, such as entrepreneurial time, can be freely arranged, so that both can make money to take into account the family. But at the same time, there are many commandments to be followed in order to achieve success! Here are the ten commandments:

1. rent a post office box or a company address to set up a business image for the company, home address will make customers feel unprofessional.

2. to apply for an independent telephone line to avoid the family mistakenly listen to customer calls, causing inconvenience.

3. arrange for a phone call, telephone recording, or OneCall personal communication number to ensure that the customer can find you at the first time.

4. carefully rearranging the home space to meet business needs.

5. meeting with customers should be arranged in each other’s office or rent a formal meeting room to maintain your professional image.

6. to join the chamber of Commerce or a number of professional associations to expand the human relations network, and to existing customers.

7. pay close attention to competitors’ movements.

8. keep all the documents and correspondence, documents, including spending out on business etiquette.

9. to maintain a certain amount of liquidity for a rainy day.

10. strict demands on themselves, to have self-control and spontaneity, and to work as a general self-discipline.

The process of

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