Laotaimen soup rich history

we all know in many catering franchise brand in the Laotaimen soup is a leading landmark catering brand project, do you know how to do is Laotaimen soup up? Look at the following introduction you know, there must be a place for you to learn.

small package support business

a little and dainty soup, a bite, a mouthful of oil, the taste, the vast! Meat fresh, thin, fragrant…… This is known to every family in the Zhejiang area "Laotaimen soup". This is 5 cents a soup, is the interpretation of a modern version of "unity by the rich".

speaking of "Laotaimen soup", Chen Qingsong is a key figure, "one of the founders of Laotaimen soup". For the first time, he was dressed in a suit, briefcase, see who all smile, say hello, although it is a businessman looks like, but the smile is clearly revealing the rustic simplicity. He has a very touching story, he is not just through the difficult road of entrepreneurship, more touching is that he has brought out his more than and 100 hometown folks, each city to open soup shop, in order to get rich, now is more cooperative in the country, I hope more and more people to become rich, with a small package of support this is a big cause! "He often hung in the mouth of a sentence.

Wang Laotaimen soup "unity rich by


family left home at the age of 15 in Suzhou to a

more than and 30 year old Chen Qingsong home in Anhui, Anqing, at the age of 15 he came out from home to fend for themselves. Recalling the past, he said that today’s success is entirely due to poor family forced out. "At that time the family was poor, in order to be able to live a better life, parents hope that I can learn a hard technology, go out to do business to make money."

that winter over the years, Chen’s hand in the house to sell 100 yuan of money to leave the home town. He spent 24 yuan on the train to Suzhou, decide where to learn, "but the train did not know the weather is very cold, decide on what path to follow, heating, thanks to the station waiting room and during the day, I went wandering, to find a way out. The night secretly returned to the waiting room to hide in a corner, but also always beware of managers honggan. Fortunately, to the fourth day, there is a home to talk to the boy in the waiting room to sell bread, I immediately like to see the Savior, approached him with a conversation, told him about his situation, ask him to help. The boy promised me to go back with him and meet their boss. Maybe I could get some work." Chen Qingsong said his fate changed from now on.

boss is to open the steamed bread shop, to see him a child is very poor, coupled with clever Chen Qingsong even turn to use the bitter meat, the boss finally took him. "In my"

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