How to open a small coffee shop to weapon

now people’s living conditions are good, a lot of people like to drink coffee, coffee market demand is huge, and has a very large profit. Open a coffee shop, operating well, can earn a lot of money. How to open a coffee shop? Want to successfully set up shop, it is necessary to master the operating skills.

two stages, a cafe development:

A, arduous pioneering stage. The early opening stage is hard, and money shortage, at this time we have to face many difficulties, so this time we should take the excellent service, reputation, lay a good foundation after the opening of the quality, for future work to pave the way for.

B, development stage. In the early stage of the establishment of a good marketing offensive, the attack on the best defense, the use of marketing tools, occupation of the market.

two stages, two cafe management:

A, fuzzy management stage. Early opening many aspects of management is not clear, only by virtue of experience, so we need strict management measures, make specific measures and steps for everything, for the future management position.

B, quality management phase. Opened after a period of time, the basic division of management, and gradually has been clear, at this time, we must adopt the positioning system management, system management orientation of every thing, in strict accordance with the regulations, in order to facilitate management.

three, the management in place, to the service quality to the quality of the vertical, vertical image, finally to image vertical brand:


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