How’s the franchise store decoration can attract more people

children need good care of children, many entrepreneurs see now wear a hot market, select business children’s clothing stores, there are a lot of children’s clothing stores on the market, many brands of consumer choice is more, how to attract consumers? In addition to the characteristics of the product itself, the decoration of the store is also very important, how to decorate it?

First: flexible neural

to stimulate customers

the trend of consumption change constantly, so the shop should be able to adjust the layout at any time. Some foreign stores have to make some adjustments every week to give customers a new impression. To this end, a number of flexible design is also a large number of. Children’s clothing stores can be adjusted according to the different display, to provide consumers with a constantly changing information.

: create a second theme, to attract customers’ attention

in store renovation should be based on the characteristics of products to establish a theme around it to form a set of interior decoration style, create a mood, easy to impress the consumers perception and memory. For example, in a children’s clothing store, the theme of the designer is to create a garden in the park, plush animals crawling on the tree, lying, leaning, it is very lively and lovely. Such an indoor space, although the decoration simple, but not attractive to small customers.

then: repeat theme, deepen customer memory

some specialized in a brand children’s clothing stores, often use the product logo for decoration, appears repeatedly in the door, wall decoration, display device, packaging bags, strengthen customer impression. Operating a variety of shops can also be a pattern for the theme of repeated application in the decoration, deepen customer memory.

finally: the importance of the "green"

Make use of

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