He Xingyuan quit selling duck neck earn big profits

sell duck neck can make money, this is a lot of people are recognized, because this snack in the current market is indeed a very high popularity. However, to make money does not mean that you can make a lot of money. But, the protagonist has set a precedent in the industry, selling duck neck collar resigned from the job, sell a wealth of life.

film "life show", the heroine operates a monopoly of duck neck shop. Duck neck this snack in Wuhan has hundreds of years of history, but the Wuhan duck neck appeared in Chengdu, but was Sichuan MBA and foreign California He Xingyuan inseparable.

started from Shanghai, has been fighting in Beijing and Chengdu, He Xingyuan and his partners are trying to duck neck sales territory to the national expansion.

sea: abandon Jinling life

He Xingyuan’s early years engaged in foreign trade, to eat his girlfriend back from Wuhan colleagues duck neck, even if it is not too much to eat chili he always tears kenwan the last duck neck, then we can’t forget this delicious.

2001 MBA, from the Sichuan University after graduation, He Xingyuan applied to the Bank of East Asia Hongkong representative office in Chengdu, has become an enviable career. Well, five star hotel office, with the Buick car company, He Xingyuan responsible for external affairs, limitless future. But in less than a year, He Xingyuan resigned. "Would rather work hard, do not want to do the emperor." He Xingyuan said with a smile.

Entrepreneurship: duck neck beat crayfish

He Xingyuan, the first thought is to make their own entrepreneurial drool with envy duck neck. After a careful investigation, He Xingyuan and friends raised 1 million 200 thousand yuan, the first choice to set up a company in Shanghai, and registered a duck neck as the main food brand food. In November 8, 2002, the first Shanghai duck neck shop opened smoothly.

to allow people to accept this feature snacks, He Xingyuan and colleagues every day to the Shanghai urban office free of charge, please listen carefully, so repeatedly, never interrupted. In order to ensure the quality of the duck neck, from the selection of products to the processing of sales, he points to the whole point, pro pro.

in less than a month’s time, duck neck shop has increased 6 stores, business booming. Just 7 months, duck neck became popular in Shanghai’s fashion food.

at this time, "SARS" suddenly hit. However, after He Xingyuan said, there is no terrible bird flu, because customers do not trust the hawker stalls, the chain business is relatively better, not affected. By June 2003, He Xingyuan and friends

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