Zigong on the way to invest in how to achieve counter attack

a city in order to continue to develop its own economic strength, only to attract the best talent, attract high-quality enterprises to settle in order to better develop their own comprehensive strength. "To coordinate projects in Chengdu, starting at 1:00 pm." "Are you ready to go to Ningbo?" What about the list of companies to visit Shanghai next week?" Zigong merchants on the way to achieve counter attack? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding of it.

9 on the morning of 7 August, Zigong Investment Promotion Bureau, the phone rings, the staff back and forth, a pile of material was read, pass – rhythm fast". This is the norm this year, the fourth quarter will be more busy, many of the early projects down to be implemented." Liu Qiyi, chief investment officer of Zigong investment promotion bureau.

fast rhythm, Zigong investment work staged a counter attack Drama: the latest data show that 1-8 months, the city of Zigong in place of foreign project funds 46 billion 734 million yuan, an increase of 32.7%, while last year, the city of Zigong in place of foreign project funds only 51 billion 200 million yuan, down 22.6%, is the only negative growth in the region. Counter attack, how staged?

The change of


from "sitting" to "knock on the door"

Liu Qiyi in Zigong merchants front for 10 years. He said that this year, the difference is the sum of several years before the trip. Light is led by the leading out, there are two or three times a month."

not only the rhythm faster, the intensity of work has become larger. He is responsible for the coordination department, every time to advance to the city where the enterprise "case", the demand and Zigong other projects for preliminary docking.

change, from the transformation of economic development strategy in Zigong. At the end of August opening of Zigong work conference, party secretary Li Gang in the city hundreds of cadres, the analysis between Zigong and southern Sichuan city brothers gap, that investment should overcome challenges, "to achieve the transformation and breakthrough, leap to catch up and accelerate development".

investment promotion as the key to economic development, has been referred to an unprecedented important position. Often used to wait for companies to negotiate, now turned into " knock merchants "." Zigong Investment Promotion Bureau, said Yang Daquan, according to the project launched in Zigong, they are in Sichuan and Chongqing, the eastern coastal developed areas such as combing high-quality enterprises, one by one visit.

investment companies are expanding the scope of. On the one hand, encourage the enterprise quality "business investment", such as in Ziliujing District of Zigong Purun trading company, this year with the Chengdu foreign language school a recommendation

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