The best boss starts with the staff

a boss, only the real start from the staff, to understand the real situation, so that when making decisions, not behind closed doors, affect their career development, but also to let them know how to get along with and more staff, and whether you have the same way?

chain most of the franchisee should be the cultural level is not high, from a small business, like a little bit accumulation started. When I think of my career, many people are not impressed. Yes, when the business has just started, one is money please people, two people don’t want to help you, help yourself, the boss employee of a person, the life, day and night.

added responsibility, what is the "responsibility", for example, shops do not open for five days, the staff will not can’t sleep, but the boss, must be every day of insomnia! Each level of responsibility is not the same, how much sense of responsibility is how much work. From the sense of responsibility is decreasing the geometry of numbers, so we require our staff to meet our requirements, how to do? Only the boss must pay more than a hundred times.

and generous to employees, will have great benefits. As a brand clothing chain the most grass-roots management personnel, often to their own shop to see employees with second rate, the flow of the three brands selling their clothes, see the staff to guests when clothing sounds like a small mosquito, staff did not see the shop lifeless little vigor, this is we intentionally or unintentionally let our employees feel inferior results.

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