Golden ideas for winter Entrepreneurship

cold winter most people want to be able to stay at home, but the opportunity will not be waiting for you at home, there are many business opportunities in winter, you see it? What to do in the winter to make money, Xiao Bian found a number of projects here, go and see it!

winter dry what?

repair shop

Li Yuanyuan from personal experience to business opportunities, in 1994 after graduating from junior high school in Jiangsu province Xiangshui high school alma mater side opened a repair shop, and foreign business. Her legs are disabled, but the hand dexterity, repair things look very beautiful, attracted some of the boys and girls took the cut jeans bad then ask her to repair, business has been good, the daily average net income of 30 yuan. She also helps students bind some special items, such as scrapbook. The biggest characteristic of the repair shop is not because of the benefit of small, frequent purchase, so the most suitable for the disabled or elderly management.

winter dry what? Print shop

print shop investment is relatively high, but also have a certain cultural foundation and skills base. Middle school next to the print shop to the target consumer group should be positioned in this group of teachers. Many middle schools, especially in rural schools do not have the conditions of printing papers, but every year, even every month, every week, so try to make this school even the township school paper business of eating, then consider students copy business.

the print shop next to the University of the target consumer group should be no doubt in the student body. County what business? Now college students before graduation, should be carefully prepared submissions, and hundreds of dozens, hundreds, in order to find a husband on the talent market". Recommend the book to some extent represents a person’s quality, mimeograph of course not, and the laser Phototypesetting machines, copiers more expensive, the average person does not have the necessary equipment, but to resort to the printing service.

winter dry cheese shop


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