2015 Nantong wisdom building city nternational Entrepreneurship Finals held on 28

now has entrepreneurial activities than domestic things, because in other countries, is to support and promote people’s entrepreneurial activities, recently, the 2015 Nantong (city) the wisdom of building international business in preparation for the final held.

it is reported that the competition starts since February this year, one after another in Shanghai, Beijing, China Shenzhen, Nanjing, Silicon Valley, Boston and other organizations 6 preaching meeting, attracted from Chinese, America and Canada, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and other countries of the 158 overseas projects, more than a thousand entries. After two rounds of the first round of the selection, a total of 15 elite team qualify for the finals, the project covers the wisdom of the construction of wisdom, smart city, smart home, industrial support technology in the field of the four.


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