Bathroom business monopoly chain eight tips to remember

home decoration industry, sanitary ware business is one of the most profitable, but due to the particularity of the products, operating a chain of bathroom monopoly attaches great importance to marketing skills, Xiaobian give you Home Furnishing sanitary distributors eight tips.

a tips: do not stare at the customer dogged, the non-stop chatter without stop.

Tips two:

specific circumstances, some goods keeps its messy but can attract customers


tips three: pre flattery, as customer service service.

tips four: only spend 1 yuan to the customer, often more than $100 of customers to your business.

tips six: no other goods sold to go into, there must be ready. Out of stock is actually a hint of the customer to buy other homes, such as the availability of stock, can inform the purchase time, and leave the customer’s phone number, address, and then door-to-door, which can make customers feel your sincerity.

tips eight: the customer’s blame as the voice of buddha.

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