2016 hit relay Agricultural Bank Power Small and micro businesses to innovate

is known as the "2015 hit" the first year has passed, 2016 is a year of relay, there will be more and more social forces to help individuals or Small and micro businesses of innovation and entrepreneurship. This is not the real power, the Agricultural Bank of Small and micro businesses of innovation and entrepreneurship.

although "double" is not the patent Small and micro businesses, but there is no doubt that Small and micro businesses as the basic cell of the economy, tens of millions of "one of the most important forces hit. In 2015, the Agricultural Bank will also support the innovation and development of public business, the support of Small and micro businesses as an important focal point, introduced a series of supportive Small and micro businesses development initiatives, efforts to play a key role in the financial support of innovation and entrepreneurship.

introduced special policies to help Small and micro businesses innovation

2015, the Agricultural Bank issued "on the support of the development of   and space; promote the public opinion", "innovation and entrepreneurship on the implementation of the concept of innovation and development of   accelerate the development of science and technology financial business guidance" and a series of public record and support space science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurial Small and micro businesses the development of policies and measures. Focus on supporting the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, such as the traditional innovation and entrepreneurship platform, as well as the creation of a new public space, entrepreneurial coffee, innovative workshops and other space.

"Internet plus" implementation of the national action plan to support mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other related industries Small and micro businesses; key support included in the national and provincial high-tech industry investment fund, technology transfer, innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises to guide the fund support fund, risk compensation fund support, access to government procurement innovation industrial and service list, and angel investors, private equity (PE), venture capital (VC) science and technology institutions such as the intention of the investment Small and micro businesses.

the Agricultural Bank in innovation and entrepreneurship activity, good financial ecology, focus on the development of national regions, advancement of science and technology branch of the construction, and the branch of science and technology as the carrier, launched the "six special" (special service object, professional team, exclusive products, special process and special compensation, the special assessment service mode of finance of science and technology).

with government departments and financial guidance fund cooperation, the government risk compensation fund, financial subsidy funds, policy guarantee Guarantee Corporation as a qualified guarantee, improve the science and technology branch recommended

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