2016 property market and the stock market in 2015 there are many similarities

said the two sessions, people are most concerned about the topic, rather than property prices. 2015 property prices have become the past tense, then, the property market in 2016 will show how the trend? Academy of Social Sciences scholars said that in 2016 the property market and the stock market in 2015 there are many similarities.

the NPC and CPPCC is underway, many representatives of the suggestions and opinions about market regulation. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance researcher Yin Zhongli twenty-first Century economic report, wrote that the property market in 2016 and the stock market in 2015, there are many similarities, the relevant departments need to pay close attention to.

Yinzhongli said that last year’s stock market is in the "NPC and CPPCC", in the "bank funds into the stock market is to support the real economy" speech stimulation, in "improper 4000 point is the starting point of the bull market guide", appear crazy — just 2 months, the Shanghai index rose 60%, the gem the index rose 100%.

and the total market value of the property market at least 200 trillion yuan, is 10 times more than individual investors hold the stock market capitalization. From the perspective of the global economic history, almost all of the financial crisis is caused by the real estate crisis, as long as the property market fluctuations, the economy and finance will be a big problem.

for local government, commercial projects will also help to enhance the image of the city, so the number of non residential projects and construction is also supported. Today, this part of the non residential projects are difficult to transform the nature of the land, and a serious backlog. It is estimated that the non residential inventory fund size of about ten trillion.

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