80 veteran Zong Zhining venture when the boss employees are veterans

veterans such a special group of people have a very large number, a lot of people after the general election will be elected by the government to arrange the work, but the hero of this article has chosen to start a business. More importantly, not only the success of the company when the boss, the staff are also hired veterans.

conspicuous green "brothers, join the army" logo, a group dressed in army green overalls for young people, a few neat houses and clean the courtyard, metallurgy road a small lane "hidden" with a trading company. It is different from other companies, it is the founder of the 80 veterans Zong Zhining, the company’s employees are all retired soldiers. Apart from doing business, training, and Zong Zhining’s "comrades" day should force type zipper, and even fight, single parallel bars and other training courses…… He said, of endless attachment to the green camp, they came together veterans corps, and has been working on the road ahead.

veterans when the company mister

Zong Zhining dark skin, wearing a camouflage style clothing, and even the horse is also a big jeep, a brother, join the Army Propaganda logo posted in a prominent position in the vehicle. If you do not say, who can think of such a young man born in 1988 is the founder of the trading company, and has always retained the army’s fine tradition and style.

face to face interview, Zong Zhining spoke neat, leg move the body upright, without procrastination gas. He said that this is related to their own army. Even entrepreneurship, but also the results of their efforts together with comrades in arms.

he felt that he was very happy and lucky during his two years in the army. In addition to the initial training camp in Baoding, also participated in the Tiananmen parade, go to Tibet tour, has seen much of the world, also increased a lot of insight. As a result of two years did not return to a home, a strong sense of nostalgia to let him in 2010 after the expiration of the service did not hesitate to choose the veterans. However, when the moment he really took off the cap badge, collar, tears and regret.

special want to go back to the army for more than a few years, could not bear to leave the comrades of life together." But there is no regret medicine, he can not let the time stagnation or back.

and his comrades together difficult venture

have to do something, go to Beijing to do marketing, doing a small business in Xingtai, he eventually chose to set up a trading company, starting from the most familiar drinks sales.

has been on the barracks with infinite feelings, hoping to work together with their comrades, so that we all live a good life." Zong Zhining said that from the end of last year, he and his comrades began to work together.

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