The details of moving customers is to usher in more tourists

as long as it is a business, it is necessary to pay attention to customers, the need to provide customers with better service. "The customer is God", we cried together for many years, but it is not an easy thing to do, so there will be a high level of quality of service; business has a good difference.

once to the market to buy food, with stalls selling bean sprouts lined up. In addition to the 9 booth of people, other stalls quite deserted. "What’s going on?" I decided to find out. There are three customers waiting ahead, taking advantage of this time I pay attention to observe. Bean sprouts we all know: bloom when you can not leave the water. Others sell bean sprouts with the picked up directly into the bag, not only saves time, but also to become the weight of water.

and 9 boss will pick up the dishes, stay a little longer and then put into a plastic bag. A customer puzzled asked: "so many people, this does not delay time?" "Delay time is certain, but I put out the extra water, you will get more benefits!" The boss explained. "Oh! The reason why the original bean sprouts are here!" Finally understand.

a bag of "dehydration" to deal with the bean sprouts became my booty, is to be a few drops of water seeping: "boss this bag is broken?" I asked. No, I deliberately left a few holes to allow water to drain, but also to the normal flow of air to ensure the quality of food!" The boss replied with a smile. I see! I left the market with vegetables. The same product, the same price, the seller just made a little change, so that the customer’s feelings are very different, but also to reduce the cost (water), the food will not be too tight because of the packaging and transport.

insignificant change, won the praise of customers, but also a favorable source of hidden tourists. We can use the cigarette retailers, let more customer satisfaction, improve the cigarette sales? A customer wants to buy a few cigarettes, but I have to help you pack the paper alone.

brothers! As a matter of fact I scored several stores, they are not willing to take the trouble to help packaging!" The customer said excitedly. "Nothing! Package your satisfaction!" He picked up the newspaper and wrapped it up. "Won’t the packing charge extra?" Already a bit familiar with the customer ridicule road. "Not! Absolutely no charge! If you need me, I’ll pack it for you?" I said with a smile.

more than a month later, this thing I slowly forget. One day I was sorting out the counter, and the two men came up and said, "the boss gave me 20 soft Yellow Crane Tower!" I was there with a rag "Why don’t you know me? Last helped me pack a cigarette!" A customer asked. "Oh! It turned out to be you! I’m sorry — "! I think you must have forgotten! >

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