n the future in the parking industry qualification certificate

In the future, Xining parking industry, whether it is in charge of the general staff must hold relevant qualifications, before engaging in parking management.

September 4th, the first session of the Xining city parking industry manager training formal lectures, teaching content is mainly five aspects of the current policies and regulations, standardized management, fire safety, parking lot and standardized service fees etc.. After the training, the city’s 310 car park managers will participate in the assessment. The person who is not qualified for the training and examination shall be disqualified from engaging in the management of the parking lot.

it is understood that the Xining city is now included in the management of the parking lot has 310, temporary parking point of 76, parking area of about 450 thousand square meters. In recent years, the rapid growth of the number of motor vehicles in the provincial capital, traffic congestion and other issues have become increasingly prominent, especially the problem of parking has become a hot spot, the difficulty of parking services, management, more and more attention.

"Xining parking lot management approach" after the introduction of the Xining city road transport management department began to carry out rectification of the city’s parking lot. According to the "Xining city parking lot management measures", in Xining City, the existing parking lot rectification and registration, check the parking lot management qualifications, access conditions, management system, personnel’s basic situation, facilities, equipment, security facilities etc.. Has been incorporated into the management according to the "Xining city parking lot management measures" to compliance review, on the field, no parking formalities shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, according to business conditions, preparation, after rectification still does not meet the conditions of opening, resolutely ban.

two months of cleaning up, the parking lot was ordered to shut down, the parking lot was asked for a deadline for rectification, the 18 did not go through the formalities of the parking lot, was ordered to suspend business and require a deadline for rectification in, 2.

for the parking management industry in accordance with the scientific, standardized and orderly development, the first parking lot manager training work started in September 4th is Xining city parking lot of the special rectification work, the follow-up will begin training on the parking lot fees, parking lot all employees will eventually hold the qualification certificate. (author: Liu Peng)


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