For the state for the people to solve problems our province to speed up the establishment of govern

Rule of law government, focusing on administration according to law. In the specific administrative management, it is necessary for legal professionals to provide reference for administration according to law.

I provincial government legal adviser system work started early, a good foundation and effective. In 2011 the provincial government’s Legislative Affairs Office and the Department of justice according to the economic and social development lags behind, the lack of legal talents, adjusting work thinking, integration of resources, expand the service, renamed the people’s Government of Qinghai Province set up a legal advisory committee. Since 2013, the provincial government legal advisory committee closely around the provincial government center, innovation, and promote the organization and coordination, provincial government legal advisory committee of experts, to play their professional advantage, by improving the leadership level, reinforce the institutional basis, measures to improve the work, to guide the work in the forefront of the country, service mode and the work idea to obtain high recognition and praise the peer.

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