Xining City Public Security Bureau West District Branch opened the door to assess the activities of

the afternoon of February 23rd, sixteenth in Xining City West District People’s Congress on the six conference, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau West District branch was held here "comment on police special consultation, a dozen District deputies from the tiger Taiwan Branch in the summer scene, political commissar of the deputies of the site to listen to the views of the public security work.

tiger Taiwan is urban high, along with the city construction and social development, as the original suburban rural Sujiahe Bay, Liu Zhai, Yin Jia Zhuang village, gradually change as part of the city, within the jurisdiction of the security environment more complex security tasks, with police in the city usually have been in the forefront. This time, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau West District branch, open the door to assess the police activities, the first stop on the choice of the police station area, the purpose is to listen to the voice of the residents in the area, so that more harmonious relations between the police.

Xia said the delegates sincerely praise, needless to say, today’s purpose is to want to hear your opinions, listen to the voice of the masses, to find the reasons and problems, reflect on their own, modify their in the opinions of the masses, to better carry out the work of the police station.

This is what

after hearing Xia Yin Jia Zhuang village, from the National People’s Congress Ding Xianyun spoke first, he said, Yin Jia Zhuang village is after the demolition of the New District, often Dadanaonao happened later, often to the community police patrol the area, promotion of legal knowledge, security now much better, but because the community police have to bear other tasks, to find the police service of community residents, often can not find people, but also to the police station, the police see there is no way to the community, to handle the relevant matters.

listen to Ding Xianyun’s proposal, Xia Jun said that this proposal is very good, the residents reflect this problem must be met, the police station in the case of insufficient police, so that the limited police to the grassroots.

from the Cold Lake Road community Xing director, first praised the police station, a number of police officers. But Schmidt, she said, now a community police, no sun police, some hard work, some of the approval table stamped onto the community, it is to let the community some helpless. She suggested that the public security organs should strengthen the training of police, simplifying approval procedures.

to reflect the community female director, the tiger Taiwan police station said, "this problem does exist, but now some department regulations, public security departments have no relevant measures can simplify the approval procedures of the seal." Xia Jun requires the district police station to thoroughly investigate the political work of the relevant person in charge of the monitoring room to do a good job records, the problem will go back to the serious study.

on behalf of the above proposed a number of "sharp" problem, the scene followed by lively atmosphere. District People’s Congress Zhao Zhipeng suggested from the province of the University, the public security organs should guide and mobilize all social forces to jointly improve social security work, strengthen the comprehensive management work, to solve the shortage of police force. Crack down on illegal and criminal activities of infringement of the interests of the masses to be serious, especially to further intensify the fight against the pirates’ evil forces,;

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