There are more than a hundred kites flying in sunning square

April 24th 2015, the first West District Community Sports Festival and the "cloud for cup" kite competition held in Xinning square, 40 players from the area, more than and 100 kites participated in the competition, every kind of kite flying air attack, dazzling.
the scene in the game, with the starter’s order, the contestants made riotous with colour and shapes of the kite fly in the sky. Flying kite is the eagle, butterflies, planes, cartoon image, the kite flying in the air somersault, put the blue sky look like beautiful kaleidoscope, dizzying. It is reported that this kite contest lasted three days, during the event, people can not only enjoy the magnificent kite, and flying kites can stunt show. It is of great significance to enrich the cultural life of the residents and promote the prosperity and development of the community.

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