Qinghai economy in action thrifty young people in response

  in late February 5th 8, is located in Xining City Road 71 can store 100 can barbecue is Business Flourishes, waiting in line outside people dining in a continuous line, many "80", "90" after they are regulars here, or in knots, or paired together, barbecue shop for their arrival exceptionally prosperous, lively. After the University in Chengdu, Wang and after half a year did not meet the students to meet in a hundred can be a dinner, suddenly someone shouted in the class, refused to ‘leftover feast’! We have all signed up today!" Wang told reporters on the same day, the students have participated in the conservation, Qinghai in action signature activities, solemnly signed his name. An event is sometimes enough to change the concept of consumption of young people, change the concept of the birth of new fashion.

classmate Wang added, for many Chinese, before and after the Spring Festival has become the biggest "storm season", human face off, played a decisive role, even the social experience is not rich young man, could not escape the two. Starting from me, today is not leftovers, a lot of college students through the micro-blog response is now popular in China, CD-ROM action". The action of the civil society, which is mainly composed of young people, initiated the rapid expansion of the power of micro-blog to real life, and the positive response of the young people.

at the same time, the reporter noted that the recent period, our province "to hold the tip of the tongue, reject leftover feast also actively promote in various restaurants, catering industry advocacy to save consumption, green consumption, moderate consumption, abandon the launch of luxury consumption, advocate moderate orders" and "small dish" and "what" civilized consumption prompt, eliminate waste on the tongue. As a fashion leader in consumer attitudes, "CD-ROM action" to witness the awakening of young people’s awareness. (author: Zhang Jun)


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