Since January 20th Xining vegetable direct sales of vegetables and vegetables amounted to 368 tons

In March 27th, parked in front of the college Lane Community vegetable direct car front row of a long procurement team. Just bought the Song said Ms. song, every direct car to the community will be purchased, although there are long queues, but here fresh dishes, cheap, convenient procurement, attracting many residents.

reporter from the Xining municipal agriculture and commerce company was informed that since January 20th this year, vegetables direct cars into the community as of March 26th, spent a total of 30 varieties of vegetables, Vegetable & Fruit 368 tons, 74 tons of beef, 76 into the community. In the direct sales of vegetables car by the public praise, Xining agriculture and commerce company will be "guaranteed sales of vegetables, the maximum benefit to the people" for the purpose, to carry out long-term direct cars into the community activities, really let people eat fresh vegetables parity at home. (author: Jiao mi)


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