Hundreds of people riding green travel advocate

On the morning of September 22nd, hundreds of fans and roller skating enthusiasts gathered in the central square, in the Provincial Sports Bureau under the initiative for this year’s car free day to promote environmental travel. We start from the central square, from the main city has been riding to the new lake district. Along the way, attracted the general public to stop watching, and said it would actively support green travel.

in roller skating team in an old man who has attracted the attention of people, his name is Wei Ruqi, 68 years old this year, he was injured in the leg skating team is not unique, the protection of professional equipment to let him extra spirit. Wei Ruqi told reporters that he has been playing for more than four years, through the roller skating to make bad body gradually better. He also said: "now people go out not just drive the car, I want to tell you their way through the healthy way to travel is beneficial to the society, but also beneficial to the family, I hope more people can travel health."

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