The four gift for the people of the province Beizu special purchases for the Spring Festival

10 key commodity circulation enterprise organization 30 thousand kinds, this winter and spring, transporting 100 thousand tons of vegetables on the Xining market, the state will be to the market in our province from nearly 1000 tons of frozen beef and mutton…… The advent of the business system arrangements, to increase the reserves of important commodities transport organizations, meat and vegetables, to carry out a series of activities to promote consumption, for the people of the province reserve "this is December 30th, special purchases for the Spring Festival" reporter learned from the Provincial Department of commerce. Gift one: local commerce departments in accordance with the characteristics of the two sections of consumption, guide enterprises to increase the supply organization, at present, the province’s holiday market is fully prepared, adequate supply of goods, the price is basically stable. Xining Wangfujing department store and other 10 key enterprises to organize more than 30 thousand kinds of commodities. Major supermarkets, grain and oil merchants to strengthen contact with suppliers in a timely manner to increase supply, increase the supply of rice, flour, oil market. Qinghai Xinyuan meat food companies and other markets to provide cold meat and fresh pork about 2000 per day, Xining Roca Bay livestock market and other enterprises can supply the market every day, cattle and sheep head (only) about 3000. Xining city this winter and spring plans transporting 100 thousand tons of vegetables. Golmud, the average daily transportation of vegetables, fruits and other more than and 100 tons from Dunhuang and other regions. Gift two: the province’s commerce departments to actively apply for the use of price adjustment fund to accelerate the establishment of local vegetables and meat reserves. During the two sessions, Xining set up 50 frozen beef and mutton points, plans to put meat reserves of 1400 tons, vegetable reserves of 15 thousand tons. Recently, the state plans to release nearly 1000 tons of frozen beef and mutton reserve market in our province. Three gift: the local commerce administrative departments by increasing direct efforts to set up cheap vegetable area, and actively cooperate with the development and reform department, give full play to local agricultural and sideline products stores the exemplary role, and actively take effective measures to stabilize prices of major necessities of life. Xining City, 10 stores in the establishment of the lowest price of vegetables in the District of 20 stores, with an average of more than 15 kinds of vegetables. The four gift: the local commerce departments coordinated development and reform, industry and commerce departments, without intervention in the pricing of goods, without affecting the normal business activities of enterprises and operators, and actively guide enterprises to establish the "honest management, puerile business philosophy, through the development of discount let profit, reduce food, merchandise and other related commodity prices, give full play to the exemplary role of large circulation enterprises, to play a positive role in stabilizing prices.  

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