General Office of the State Council supervision Xining grassroots health care reform

September 5th, led by the Ministry of human resources and social security Hu Xiaoyi, deputy director of the State Council general health reform policy implementation of the inspection team to inspect the city.

line inspection team has in-depth Nanchuan Road community health service center, Huangzhong County on the new township health center, Huangzhong County on the new Zhuang Xiang Shen village health room, on-site inspection Xing Hai Lu community health service stations, and grassroots medical workers, village doctors cordial conversation, learn more about the basic primary health drugs the use of health service ability, talent team construction, etc., to listen to the grassroots health care reform work carried out since the feelings, opinions and suggestions.

Since the

self city to carry out grassroots health care, basic medical and health institutions in the city government held the full implementation of the basic drug system, and zero sales slip, the basic drug system coverage, with basic drugs zero profit rate and reached 100%. Community health service institutions in the community to implement 100 kinds of basic drugs zero rate sales. The township health centers and village clinics in Qinghai reached the standard of more than grade B, standardized construction rate of 100%.

September 2012, the city in the township health centers and community health service centers to implement the first hospital, after settlement service model to facilitate the urban and rural residents hospitalized. At present, higher than 12.8% of the city’s township hospitals and community health services in outpatient amount and before the reform; the average outpatient expenses decreased from 50.53 yuan to 32.96 yuan in 2011 this year; the average hospitalization cost decreased from 673.67 yuan to 595.13 yuan in 2011. The equalization of public health services the full implementation of the project, the city’s per capita public health service expenditure increased from 30 yuan to 40 yuan, the local disease prevention and control into the content of basic public health services, 11 of the class and prescribed by the state is extended to 14 types.

in addition, the full implementation of the rural medical subsidies and support policies. At present, the city of each village doctors each year through the government to purchase basic public health services subsidy income, coupled with government subsidies, income per capita income of more than 20 thousand yuan. (author: Sheng Nan)

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