Full liberalization of the two child policy to be officially landed

Full liberalization of two children, the news became heavy news on the evening of the 29 day, a time micro-blog, WeChat have reproduced, hot. In the tens of thousands of comments in the net, the applause of the audience, there are many pieces of hand. When implemented in our province, how to implement, population control…… October 30th, the province’s people concerned about the comprehensive two child problem, the reporter learned from the Provincial Health Planning Commission to understand the relevant circumstances.

when implementing to implementation of the views of official landing

has released two child pressure in advance

"total two child birth is after the" separate two child family planning policy and a voice of a higher fertility policy, however, people in the tangle give birth or not always worried about a population boom will lead to various resource constraints, fierce competition.It is reported that

identity legitimacy depends on the specific provisionsThe introduction of local policy


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