10 private entrepreneurs point like government report

Governor Hao Peng made a report on the work of the government, revealed the economic reform and the development of non-public economy, new trends, new policies. Undoubtedly, in under the new economic norm, these new trends and new policy releasing me Duocuobingju clear signal to promote business development, boost the confidence of private entrepreneurs.

"to enhance the vitality of market players, promote accelerate the development of non-public economy…… Open market access, support for private enterprises to participate in the reorganization and integration of state-owned enterprises, enjoy the same tax relief policy of structural reform, strengthen the protection of private enterprises with property rights and profits of innovation, stimulate the non-public economic vitality and creativity……"Some key points about the non-public economy

[] will transfer one of the biggest advantages of Qinghai is the development of the pharmaceutical and health industry, tourism and cultural industries. In the country is actively promoting the restructuring of the restructuring, but also a large number of private enterprises break out of the moment, in such an economic background, a lot of people groping forward. For private enterprises, this time more emphasis on local financial support and support of some preferential policies. With the support of local governments, the development path of private enterprises will go a long way.

the government work report did not avoid a large bond financing difficulties financing is the development of private enterprises, and pointed out the direction to solve these tough problems. I believe in the future, private enterprises will occupy half of the province’s economy.

– the provincial people’s Congress, Qinghai lvcaoyuan Food Co., Ltd. chairman Ma Tianyou

[will the government work report this year’s express sound], point out a lot of the current problems existing in the development of private enterprises in our province, this shows that a growing number of private enterprises on the other hand. The current economic situation is still very grim, but the government to mention gas, we will be more confident and private enterprises go down;

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