99 fire safety operations in full swing

To strengthen the fire safety work during the festival, to further enhance the awareness of fire prevention in elderly group, the provincial public security department, the Department of civil affairs from September 20th to November 1st in the province carried out within the scope of the theme of "spread the fire of knowledge, care for the elderly" safe "99 fire safety action" of various types of pension institutions and the elderly family fires investigation rectification. It is reported that the "99 fire safety action, the public security organs, fire control institutions of the joint civil affairs departments focus on various types of pension institutions in the fire fighting equipment and fire control facilities are complete and easy to use, safe exit is expedite, fire safety regulation system is established, implemented, comprehensive and thorough investigation of electrical lines and electrical equipment aging etc.; hand area of a pension institutions as object, supervise and guide the implementation of fire unit duties, regular visits to carry out fire safety assistance activities; mobilization of volunteers around the fire deep into nursing homes, hospitals and communities, agricultural and pastoral areas of the elderly home promotion fire knowledge, urge communities and rural areas to carry out to send security a gift for the elderly", equipped with a flashlight, small fire extinguisher fire rescue facilities, and enhance the elderly Fire prevention ability. At the same time, the public security police station, community workers, members of the unit, grid community, rural and pastoral areas, all the activities for the elderly living places to carry out daily fire safety inspection personnel; communities, streets, township offices guardian, clear responsibilities, combined with distinctive folk activities, the fire prevention and the combination of ethnic folk art further, the elderly, Empty Nester family conduct fire prevention; the widowed elderly family and pension institutions, to carry out fire hazard investigation over the side, to carry out a fire knowledge training, setting a fire propaganda position to organize a fire warning watch, carry out an alarm, evacuation, gift a Christmas gift for the content of the "six" activities, to do a comprehensive fire safety management of the elderly.  

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