Parking spaces clear Xining unified public temporary parking lot

November 1st, the Xining public temporary parking lot construction management approach formally implemented. This is the city of Xining to ease traffic pressure in the city, to promote the work of the slow blocking Paul another favorable move. At the same time will be included in the Xining intelligent traffic management. In the future, the main road around the city of Xining to set up the location of the parking lot and related information display, parking spaces, locations, the remaining number at a glance.

Xining average per 6 vehicles have 1 parking spaces, 38 per car for 1 foreign business public parking…… Difficult to solve the problem of regional parking, both a livelihood issue, but also a direct bearing on traffic capacity. "The city’s road space management measures" the implementation of the true meaning of public resources, strong chaos, let parking chaos, arbitrary charges, card phenomenon nowhere to hide.

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