Xining education layout adjustment within three years to eliminate hidden dangers in primary and sec

from the meeting was informed that the city will be the implementation of education adjustment scheme as the basis, and actively strive for the national and provincial education related projects and funds, and strive to three years to eliminate the dangers of dilapidated buildings in primary and secondary schools.

it is reported that from the beginning of next year, I will work with the project as a leader, firmly grasp the implementation of the building safety engineering and rural junior high school reform project opportunities of national primary and secondary schools, actively seek funds, and strive to three years by stage and project the gradual implementation of reconstruction projects, eliminate dangerous hidden dangers in primary and secondary schools. At the same time, the city plans to invest 100 million yuan in the next year, the implementation of Chengdong District primary school, primary school Chinese Zhuang Zhou Jia Quan, West District, North District built green primary school building safety engineering project, and start the relocation of Xining fifth, Xining middle school, the first occupation of Huangchuan middle school relocation. Next year the city will also speed up the pace of education layout adjustment, continue to improve and refine the education adjustment scheme, according to the "to do fine and stronger western, central, Eastern and north to enhance, promote the three counties" ideas, plans in each county were supported by 1 key high schools, 2 junior middle schools, 2 primary school.


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