Rural transformation to allow farmers to use safe electricity

In the past did not dare to use electric heating, refrigerator, induction cooker, always worried about the home line can not bear the load, and now no longer use more electrical trip." When it comes to the upgrading of rural power grids, Datong County, Changning town Dazhai villagers said excitedly.

November 25th, the reporter saw in Dazhai village, Changning Town, Datong County, more than and 300 villagers each home next to a small distribution box, meter reading can not be recorded in the household electricity consumption. Villagers told reporters that before the distribution box are installed on the pole, the villagers can not see their own use of electricity, the number of charges for electricity is very confused, and now the distribution box at the door, more convenient.

it is understood that, in order to meet the electricity load of farmers growing farmers, to ensure accurate master assured electricity, change more, low voltage overhead line under the family line into more chaos, vulnerable to external damage situation, the national network of Xining power company in our city in some rural areas in the implementation of the upgrading of rural reconstruction project. According to reports, the project to realize grid remote online monitoring and electricity information collection automatic meter reading, at the same time, due to the application of new technology, new equipment, repair the amount of intelligent distribution area from the previous average of 25 per month dropped to 2 times per month. According to the national network of Xining power company transport inspection department of the relevant person in charge of the rural power grid upgrading reduces damage and loss of low pressure, enterprises can save 850 yuan monthly electricity consumption, but also reduce the workload, improve the reliability of power supply. "Any transformation of good farmers, there is no one to repair, even in the face of wind and rain, there is no power failure phenomenon, people use electricity security, and even our electrician also feel more effort." Changning County, the town of Datong power supply staff said that the upgrading of rural power grids also allow them to taste the sweetness.


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