Ceramic barbecue creative enough space to get rich

said a barbecue, a lot of people’s first impression is probably the kind of traditional, dark street barbecue, either baked or tools, cooking utensils, all is black, even if the health conditions do, also let people have no appetite, and ceramic barbecue, new features, good looking and delicious natural earn much.

traditional barbecue, smoked, the fly ash fog and unsanitary, has not in good taste. But the enthusiasm of people for barbecue has never been reduced. Ceramic barbecue, it adopts high temperature resistant ceramic materials as Bakeware, barbecue for all kinds of food, not only can keep the natural flavor of the food, does not pollute the environment.

showmanship signs low price — ceramic barbecue customer positioning for ordinary consumers, two or three young male consumers to eat a ceramic barbecue (mainly to meat), the total cost will not exceed 60 yuan.

1. independent shop: the minimum investment funds for 300 thousand yuan (mainly for raw materials procurement, equipment procurement, store decoration and cash flow), store area is about 200 square meters, 20 desks, a staff of about 10 people. Ceramic oven can go to Guangdong, Yiwu and other places of the wholesale market procurement.

2. join: start-up funds of about 150 thousand yuan. Among them, the current capital of 30 thousand yuan, the franchise fee is generally $20 thousand (according to the size of the store, the size of the regional market, the cost of joining different), raw materials procurement, rent, equipment procurement and other costs of about $100 thousand. The amount of investment is different from the regional differences, for investors’ reference only. The gross profit margin of ceramic barbecue is about 50%. From the current operating situation of three ceramic barbecue shop, independent shop investors, about 12 months after the initial investment can be recovered, choose to join investors about $seven or eight to recover the initial investment.

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